During my internship in Oslo I was pretty bored by the Norwegian way of “having fun”: dancing, drinking and forgetting about everything the day after. Not too far from my country’s concept, but without my friends to hang out with I was a bit depressed, then many saturdays I ended up skating and […]

A Boring Saturday Night + BACKSTAGE

My MacBook Pro Early 2008 has been an incredible tool to express my creativity, a great companion of many adventures and the first computer that really helped me instead of create frustration. BUT. It’s time to change because, even if it’s still working, I need more power and reliability. Then let’s celebrate my new […]


Finalmente, dopo 2 anni, trovo l’ispirazione e il tempo per raccontare l’inizio delle mie avventure all’estero. Per farlo rompo la regola che mi ero imposto, ovvero scrivere solo post in inglese. Questo perché la situazione italiana non è cambiata molto, anzi è peggiorata, e gli italiani che vogliono scappare all’estero […]

AIESEC e OSLO: la mia prima esperienza all’estero

Do you like Macro Photography, you have a DSLR but no Macro lens? You just need to buy a cheap Macro Inverted Ring (around 10€) and you can take amazing pictures with your kit lens! 😉

Cheap DSLR Macro Lens

Sometimes happens to meet a special person…a stop motion short film made 2 years ago in 48h.

Life is like a puzzle…

Time ago I was looking around the web for a cloud service to backup my entire photo library, in the beginning I found Flickr offers 1Tb (!!!) of free storage, but sadly there is no way to synchronise automatically your local files. I decided then to find a service like DropBox […]

Unlimited & Free Cloud Storage

Yesterday I went to the first edition of the Trieste Mini Maker Faire! It was amazing find how many creatives live so close to my city, finally also in Friuli Venezia Giulia we have a place and a day to meet all together!

Trieste Mini Maker Faire 2014

After the birth-death-rebirth of Popcorn Time many clones started to spread around the web, most of them are nice alternatives but one of them could be really dangerous! Yesterday Popcorn Time 0.3 beta has been finally released with many new features like TV Series: the war is just began!


After 2 years from my (italian) article “SOPA: Megaupload e Megavideo closed?” someone finally made it: mix BitTorrent technology with Streaming! Popcorn Time is better then my best dreams and is going to be the next step of the eternal war between Cinema Majors and Movie Pirates. Sadly the team […]

Popcorn Time: DEAD or ALIVE

Sometimes dreams are just dreams, and when you wake up everything has become normal, giving you that “sad sensation”. But this time we have the chance to fight to make our dreams real and never wake up again in the sad italian reality, where cinema is static and stuck in just two or […]

Revive Sci-Fi in Italy? DARK FLOW is the answer!